A film-focused digital creative who excels in problem solving with diverse experience across film and television production.


Aspiring self-shooting assistant producer, always committed, creative, and highly motivated with edit and camera skills. I thrive running on set or in an office and take on any task required of me with a positive, hard working and proactive attitude.


Currently working as a Production Runner with ambitions to step up.

I extremely enjoy researching and research, investigated and wrote two 15000 words dissertations. Super passionate about music and spend my spare time going to music seminars such as The Future Is, Women in CNTRL, SheSaidSo and many more. I keep up to date on music business, run on music video shoots, co-host friend’s radio shows and listen to music podcasts such as Halfcast Podcast.

Callum D

My future ambition is to start as a researcher within a production office. As someone who really enjoys dealing with the paperwork aspect of a production this would be useful as it will allow me to learn and grow as an individual. I’d then hope to follow the natural progression and reach assistant producer level, and move onto a producer, series producer, and then one day executive producer.

Joe Mo

Storytelling within film and television is what throughly rejoice when watching something on the big or small screen.

My aspirations are to be an all around creative writer, screenwriting and copyrighting, as well as a producer for television.

Regardless of what role I am allocated with, I will put in double 100% effort on every project.


Passionate about TV with an ambition to work as a production runner or a production secretary. Eager to explore the different roles within the TV industry.