A proactive and creative minded Digital Media & Marketing Management graduate currently studying MSc in International Tourism & Hospitality Management. Looking for further postgraduate internship opportunities whilst already having practical industry experience in Marketing & Hospitality.


Hi, I’m 23 years of age and I’m looking for a career in Document art Film-making, Video gaming, Journalism, Development and History. I started my own production company (Roshambo) to use as a creative outlet and to work as an indie Film-maker.


I have experience in running on TV, corporate and commercials. Interested in the production route. DBS checked.

Michael C

Creative, visual storyteller who is very friendly and hard-working.


Experienced, passionate wedding and events videographer, editor and storyteller. Aspire to work within TV, Film, Live Music and Sport events on careers as well developing in producing Scriptwriting and Directing.


I am currently exploring 3D Animation as I find learning new things to be important for personal growth. I always aim to learn new skills which I find new ways to transfer to other areas of work.


I am a Graphic Design graduate who is excited for new opportunities.

Joe Ma

Experienced in Filming and Editing events using Nikon DSLR and Adobe Workshop. I am looking to progress into Documentary filming and Editing.