I am a highly motivated and confident individual with fantastic people skills, a can do attitude and exceptional multi-tasking capabilities. I am able to work in a target driven, busy contact centre environment, with hospitality industries and within office environments comfortably. I am hard-working and dedicated, I have a keen eye for detail and I am enthusiastic and passionate taking pride in my work. My communication skills are fantastic, and my warm personality has always made me a natural leader.

Joe Mo

Storytelling within film and television is what throughly rejoice when watching something on the big or small screen.

My aspirations are to be an all around creative writer, screenwriting and copyrighting, as well as a producer for television.

Regardless of what role I am allocated with, I will put in double 100% effort on every project.


Interested in Production (Film +TV), Marketing, PR, Set Design.

Ba(Hons) Film+TV Production – 2019 Graduate.