Olivia M


I am an honest and trustworthy individual who is hard working and gets a great deal of satisfaction from a job well done. I am a creative thinker who displays artistic flair and ability. I enjoy working within part of a team or individually. I am always willing to listen and learn new skills, and I like to go into every venture I do with an open mind. I am happy to be involved in any training offered to improve myself.

Michael S

Multiplatform content creator & TV runner. Experience in online content, large-scale productions, high-end drama including big stunts, factual and entertainment.

Passionate about diversity, giving people a voice and finding new ways to engage audiences.


I am currently a runner at The Sharp Project and SharpFutures. I have been involved in multiple productions since joining SharpFutures including Coronation Street, Peaky Blinders and Curfew. With studio, location, event, casting and office experience, I have a huge passion for TV and performing arts and can’t wait to gain some more experience and develop my skills.

In addition to TV work, I am also a fully qualified swimming and snorkelling teacher, supporting artist, performing arts teacher, wine / floor waitress and promotional model.


I am very interested in perusing a career in TV Production and eager to gain more experience, building on my skills. I’m also interested in Social Media, I would be happy to combine these interests to develop more experience in both.


I am a Film and Media graduate with transferable skills from a fast paced retail environment. I’m interested in working with the department as well as Locations on TV, specifically in Drama.


Recently Graduated in MSc Audio Production.

Seeking work in Audio Engineer/Dubbing Mixer.


I am a third year Broadcast Foundation student, I have a passion for Media, News, and Content attain. I enjoy making my own TV and Radio packages and writing my blog.


Enthusiastic, hard working young woman striving to break into the TV and Film industry. As a British – Arab my ultimate goal is to add value to the industry whilst increasing cultural awareness and representation of my community.