Hi, I’m 23 years of age and I’m looking for a career in Document art Film-making, Video gaming, Journalism, Development and History. I started my own production company (Roshambo) to use as a creative outlet and to work as an indie Film-maker.


I have experience in running on TV, corporate and commercials. Interested in the production route. DBS checked.

Joe Mo

Storytelling within film and television is what throughly rejoice when watching something on the big or small screen.

My aspirations are to be an all around creative writer, screenwriting and copyrighting, as well as a producer for television.

Regardless of what role I am allocated with, I will put in double 100% effort on every project.

Michael C

Creative, visual storyteller who is very friendly and hard-working.


Experienced, passionate wedding and events videographer, editor and storyteller. Aspire to work within TV, Film, Live Music and Sport events on careers as well developing in producing Scriptwriting and Directing.


A Dynamic content creator skilled in videography, video editing and content writing. Seeks the chance to be immersed in a professional and challenging working environment.

I’m creative enough to approach problems from different perspectives, and organised enough to hit deadlines.


I am currently exploring 3D Animation as I find learning new things to be important for personal growth. I always aim to learn new skills which I find new ways to transfer to other areas of work.

Joe Ma

Experienced in Filming and Editing events using Nikon DSLR and Adobe Workshop. I am looking to progress into Documentary filming and Editing.


I am an experienced event and short film runner looking to transition into Film and high end TV. I work primarily as a wedding videographer and Social Media manager for independent Film and Theatre.


I’m a confident and passionate creative. Experienced in organisation locations, handling cash, managing the public, logging, data wrangling and confident behind the camera. I am also the founder of Modifying productions, producing social media content for business as well as original narrative content.