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Committing to a new full-time team member may be a stretch for small businesses, whereas having had the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ can give employers confidence to commit. Many of the support skills required by creative digital employers are in short bursts on casting days, press days and events; just the areas in which the SharpFutures POD are keen to build their experience and portfolio of clients in. Made up of apprentices, graduates and job seekers with entry level skills in production running, social media, admin and marketing support, SharpFutures POD fulfils a valuable function.

Flexible, adaptive, enthusiastic and on-call to meet your business needs, SharpFutures POD provides a unique support service for creative digital businesses, while helping to identify and bring through new talent in the creative digital sector. Nurturing and supporting the organic development of individuals and businesses on both sides of the employer / employee divide, SharpFutures POD provides much-needed support when and where it really makes a difference.


As a POD member, you will get: 

  • Fair hourly wage for every hour worked (no free ‘work experience’) + employee benefits including holidays
  • Working in the heart of the digital creative sector of Manchester
  • The chance to work with a variety of businesses
  • The chance to work in different fields and gain industry skills
  • Flexibility to pick and choose the days / hours you want to work
  • Join a closed Facebook page and interact with like-minded colleagues and share work and experiences
  • Join a very active social group
  • Friendly management ream that offers career advice and feedback
  • The chance to be accepted on to a paid industry relevant placement
  • The chance to network and gain industry relevant contacts in production and beyond
  • The chance to attend free seminars / training


We are always looking for talented new POD members and try to hold regular open days so that you can come and meet the team.

If you are interested send your CV and a brief summary of who you are to, what your ambition is and why you think you would be a brilliant POD member and Sophie, our booking agent will let you know when the next event is.


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